Brisbane Floods

In an interview with ABC Radio Brisbane’s Steve Austin today, Caring Cuisine’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexi Paasonen discussed the organisations recent actions during the floods.

“We got a call yesterday about a lovely couple who were on the tenth floor of a building, you know, didn’t have any power, the stairs were unlit and they couldn’t get down to the ground to get out and go shopping, you know. So one of our team went over there and did the trek up the stairs and dropped the meal off too them, nice and hot, ready to eat.”

“At this stage we’ve actually been inundated [with volunteers]. It’s been amazing to see, but over the sort of Monday, Tuesday last week we had more than one hundred people reach out offering to lend a hand. And it’s really heart-warming to see the community come together when things get tough.”

When asked how many meals had been delivered he stated:

“[we’ve delivered] more than 600 meals just during this crisis, which is on top of our more than 1000 that we’d deliver in a normal week.”

“The big thing about what we do is really that social engagement, you know, it’s not just drop at the door. It’s really about taking the time to make sure that that person is alright. And flood aside, what we really pride ourselves on is taking the time to build those genuine community connections. I think now more than ever that’s important.”

“When the floods looked like they were getting bad, there was never any doubt that we’d get out there and get some meals out. It was just about figuring out how to do it. “It’s times like this that show just why organisations like ours need to be here.”