Caring Cuisine Launches New Delivery App

Today Caring Cuisine has commenced implementation of its recently developed Delivery App. 

This app not only simplifies the delivery process for existing volunteers, but helps support families caring for their loved ones. The delivery app allows clients to opt-in to having delivery confirmations sent to themselves or a loved one. This offers the family, particularly those living interstate, with the peace of mind of knowing that their loved one has been checked on.

Caring Cuisine volunteers undertake a ‘welfare check’ with each delivery. The organisation has systems in place to ensure that contact is made promptly if clients are unexpectedly away. This allows family to check in and make sure their loved on is ok, and in the case where they cant be reached, contact emergency services. 

A delivery volunteer who was involved in the initial trail of the app stated: “It’s great having all the information you need for the delivery run at your fingertips. It’s a easier to report any issues with the delivery back to the office via the app, and allows office staff to follow-up quicker.”

Caring Cuisine Deputy Operations Manager, Kellie Jukkola, who oversaw the implementation of the app said that this was a significant improvement in client services.

“One of the most valuable things to clients about Caring Cuisine is knowing that someone who genuinely cares about them is checking in. This app demonstrates to clients and their families that that is actually happening.”

Caring Cuisine is proudly committed to the improvement of its services, and has committed to a improvement plan that will see clients services significantly improved over the coming months. Chief Executive Officer, Alexi Paasonen, stated:

“We’re fully committed to ensuring our service is one that people are proud to receive, and in line with modern community expectations. Whether that’s by increasing the number and variety of our meal offering, the delivery app, our online ordering and payments, or the one point of contact we offer clients and their families, we will do everything in our power to make sure clients receive the best service possible.”