Caring Cuisine To Expand Meal Choices

Caring Cuisine today has expanded its meal choices from 2 fresh options per day to 3.

While this change seems small, it sees the quarterly menu expand 47 options to 77, given clients an expansive array of meals to choose from.

Caring Cuisine Head Chef, Jason Pownall, said that this is just the first step in improving the services clients receive.

“We’re excited to be able to offer clients these additional choices. This is just the first of a range changes we’ll be making, including changing our packaging to a more sustainable option that also provides clients with more flexibility around how the reheat their food.”

Caring Cuisine intends to continue to increase the range of meals on offer, with the goal of providing a fresh Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, and Vegetarian option each day by 2025. Caring Cuisine Chief Executive Officer, Alexi Paasonen stated:

“Too often charities fall into the trap of thinking “we’re a charity, clients should be happy with what they get”, but I’m not willing to have us settle for second best. Our clients and our community deserve high quality, nutritious meals that don’t just “suit their needs”, but excite our them to eat”, he said.

Caring Cuisine has recently seen a significant increase in demand for its services thanks to this renewed focus on service and food quality, and the improvements its made to accessibility for clients across Brisbane. Caring Cuisine offers clients and their families a single point of contact for meal provision across Brisbane, a unique offering for charitable meal providers.