Caring Cuisine Launches Taigum Hub

Caring Cuisine has announced today that it has partnered with Aarth Cafe to launch a delivery hub on Roghan Road, Taigum.

 Caring Cuisine has seen explosive growth for demand for its services over the last 3 months, with overall demand for services up 40%. The new hub announced today will service over 100 clients in Taigum and surrounding suburbs.

Caring Cuisine Business Development Manager, Paul Hobbs, said today “It’s exiting to provide a local distribution hub to better service our clients in the area. Caring Cuisine remains committed to ensuring volunteering stays local.”

This new hub will function differently to existing branches operated by Caring Cuisine. Rather than requiring the infrastructure to service clients in the area, meals for clients in the area will be packed at the Mitchelton facility and delivered to the Aarth Cafe hub just prior to delivery to clients.

Caring Cuisine CEO, Alexi Paasonen explained that this allows the charity to keep its prices low while also supporting small businesses.

Mr Paasonen said “This novel approach is a win-win-win. It removes the need for us to take out an expensive lease on a facility in the area allowing us to keep our prices low. It also allows us to support a local cafe through cross-promotion and providing a number of guaranteed coffee sales. Most importantly, it allows us to recruit local volunteers to service our clients in the area, demonstrating our commitment to keeping volunteering local.”

To better support the increased number of clients across Brisbane, Caring Cuisine will be looking to launch a number of hubs across Brisbane over the coming months. 

Kellie Jukkola, Deputy Operations Manager stated – “The low cost and easy setup of these new hubs allows us to quickly respond to changes in client numbers. All the Cafe really needs is good parking, a place to store bags overnight, and good coffee.”  

Caring Cuisine remains committed to challenging itself to ensure it continues to improve the quality of service it offers.