Nourished Neighbours

Caring Cuisine would like to thank Brisbane City Council for their ongoing support. Brisbane City Council has provided free access to our St Lucia and Mitchelton Facilities for over 30 years allowing us to redirect those funds into our Nourished Neighbours program.

This money has also been combined with the Mitchelton Volunteer Community Benefit Fund to increase the level of support that we can provide.

Over the last 12 months, Caring Cuisine has provided over 3000 meals, valued at $30 000 through this program.

About the Program

Our Nourished Neighbours provides access to free frozen meals to community organisations that provide meals to the community.

Community Organisations are invited to request access to meals. After a simple assessment process, Caring Cuisine provides access to an ongoing supply of meals, that can then be distributed for free to members of the community.

This allows Caring Cuisine to provide support to community members we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach, and allows us to use our network to help other community organisations increase their impact. 

To request meals for your organisation, please complete this form.

The Cost

Meals through the Nourished Neighbours program are provided to community groups free of charge , on the condition that they are provided to the community free of charge.

This ensures that we can maximise the number of people supported.

Disaster Relief

The Nourished Neighbours program also supports the delivery of free meals during natural disasters. 

During the 2022 Brisbane Floods, Caring Cuisine provided more than 650 meals to local community members, schools, and responders impacted by the floods.

The funding of this program supports the maintenance of a frozen meal stockpile that is able to be deployed immediately. Our team of staff and volunteers are also quick to jump in to support the distribution during these times.

Most importantly, these meals can be provided hot in the case of loss of power. This ensures that community members and responders can focus on getting everything back on track.

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