Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) Assessment

As set out in our Volunteer Handbook, the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) is crucial for managing incidents of elder abuse or neglect.

This brief assessment is designed to ensure you understand Caring Cuisine’s obligations as a Home Services Provider.  Here’s a quick re-cap on the key elements of the SIRS:

Types of Reportable Incidents

·         Unreasonable Use of Force: e.g., hitting, pushing.

·         Unlawful Sexual Contact: e.g., sexual activities without consent.

·         Neglect: e.g., withholding personal care.

·         Psychological or Emotional Abuse: e.g., yelling, name-calling.

·         Unexpected Death: e.g., a fall, untreated pressure injury.

·         Stealing or Financial Coercion: e.g., theft or coercion for financial gain.

·         Inappropriate Use of Restrictive Practices: e.g., unnecessary physical restraint.

·         Missing Consumers: e.g., unexplained absence reported to the police.

Reporting Obligations

Priority 1 Incidents: Must be reported within 24 hours.
Priority 2 Incidents: Must be reported within 30 days.