Volunteer Training Assessment

Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to Caring Cuisine, where we strive to provide high-quality meal services to our community members in need. By now you will have received our Volunteer Handbook as well as a Volunteer Role Guide specific to your role. 

This brief assessment is designed to ensure you understand our service, our responsibilities, and the expectations of you as a volunteer at Caring Cuisine.  Here’s a quick re-cap on some of the important information we’ve shared with you:

Respect and Dignity

Every client deserves to be treated with utmost respect and dignity. This includes:

  • Respecting that they may live in different conditions to our own homes;
  • Understanding and accommodating their choices; and
  • Ensuring privacy and maintaining confidentiality.

Meal Delivery

Delivering meals for Caring Cuisine is more than just a transport service; it’s about:

  • Delivering a nutritious meal;
  • Carrying out a social visit; and
  • Monitoring the client’s wellbeing.

Client Safety

To help ensure client safety, it’s important that volunteers:

  • Always adhere to relevant food safety guidelines;
  • Maintain a clean vehicle (if delivering meals), and practice personal hygiene; and
  • Understand the importance of food safety and be able to explain food ‘danger zones’ to clients if required

Effective Communication

Clear and compassionate communication is key. As a volunteer, you should:

  • Be open to receiving client feedback and understand how to pass information on to be further addressed;
  • Always communicate in a friendly, inclusive manner.

Emergency Procedures

It’s important that you know how to respond in emergencies.

  • If a client doesn’t answer the door, follow the non-response protocol; and
  • In case of a fall or other emergencies, call emergency services and then inform Caring Cuisine management.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Your observations and feedback are valuable.

  • Report any concerns or suggestions for improvement.
  • Participate in regular training and update sessions.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Maintain the confidentiality of client information.


  • Do not share sensitive client details with unauthorized persons.
  • Follow Caring Cuisine’s privacy policies at all times.

Caring Cuisine Volunteer Training Quiz

Instructions: Please answer the following questions based on the documentation you have reviewed and the information provided at your in-person induction. This will help in ensuring you have understood the key aspects of being a volunteer at Caring Cuisine.

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You have completed the assessment – thank you for your commitment to providing exceptional care and support. As a volunteer, you are the heart of Caring Cuisine. Your dedication and service make a significant difference in the lives of our clients.